Sonography (also known as Ultrasound) is an essential factor during pregnancy. Based on the complications of pregnancy, your doctor may advise you to take multiple pregnancy sonography or Ultrasounds to check the fetal conditions and gestational age. The early pregnancy sonography test allows you to understand the baby’s development and abnormal activities in the uterus. The test produces specific kinds of sounds which are later translated into images in the monitor to provide a scan report of the baby.

Let’s understand why early pregnancy sonography is essential and how it helps you to have a well-developed and perfect pregnancy. We will further discuss the benefits and features, this test upholds and offers the right way to check the pregnancy.

But first, let’s know the basics of sonography and how it works.

What is sonography and how does it work?

Sonography or Ultrasound is a modern test or scan to study the internal body structure with the help of sounds or waves. There are mainly two types of sonography tests for pregnancy test;

● Transvaginal ultrasound/sonography:

In transvaginal ultrasound/sonography, a device called a transducer is inserted into the vagina. This transducer sends some specific sounds and waves to externally connected monitors and other devices. The sounds and waves produced by the transducer are converted into images by machines and reflect the position of the fetus in the uterus.

● Transabdominal ultrasound/sonography:

Transabdominal ultrasound/sonography works completely like transvaginal sonography. But in this process, the condition of the fetus and uterus is tested by moving the transducer not inside the vagina but on the abdomen.

Why do you need early pregnancy sonography?

An early pregnancy sonogram test can be done during 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy. Based on
this test, your doctor confirms the pregnancy and tells you about the abnormalities of your
pregnancy, if any are found. Your doctors and experts recommend sonography tests for various
reasons. Mainly from this test, you get to know the following things:

● Confirms your pregnancy
● Confirms gestational age.
● Confirms the number of fetuses

The very first sonography test is called a viability test. This test helps you to know the
abnormalities and size of the fetus. It shows all the important and basic information about your
pregnancy. Hence, it is highly recommended to get this test done in the early stages of

Benefits of early pregnancy sonography

There is no doubt that sonography is the best pregnancy test. But what are the benefits of
getting this early pregnancy sonography test done and how does it help you have a successful
pregnancy? Let’s discover the benefits of early pregnancy sonography test:

● Pregnancy confirmation with size and location:

It confirms your pregnancy whether there is a pregnancy or not. Also, it shows the exact location and condition of pregnancy because many times the fetus remains in the fallopian tubes instead of being in the uterus.

● Verifies the number of fetuses:

There is a possibility of more than one fetus in different pregnancies. This becomes clear from the Sonography test. After that, you can take good care of the child.

● Examine the baby’s evolution:

The sonography test will examine the fetus or baby’s growth over time in the uterus. It allows doctors to assess the baby’s body or structure
● Finds the abnormalities and complications:

The ultrasound or sonography test simply detects all the abnormal activities of the baby in the uterus or makes every complication clear. Hence, You get able to save your baby and yourself too.

● Evaluate the circulation of the placenta and amniotic fluids:

This test looks at the flow of placenta & amniotic fluids and tells whether it is circulating properly or not in the uterus. Contrary to its name, morning sickness can occur at any time of the day. Nausea and vomiting can affect pregnant women during various hours, and its severity varies from person to person. Staying hydrated and eating small, frequent meals can help manage this common pregnancy symptom.

What is the risk involved in the test?

There is almost negligible risk involved in it, which increases the popularity of this test. But since there is no risk involved in it, it has many limitations. It often fails to provide accurate information and may ignore major complications or birth defects.

What to expect during the procedure?

An early pregnancy Sonography test will take nearly 45 minutes to complete. You may have either transabdominal sonography or transvaginal sonography. The technician will put a warm sonography gel on the abdomen. It will help to get a better baby image on the monitor. It will show all the information you are seeking for your pregnancy but make sure to cooperate with a technician to get accurate results.

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