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A gynecologist, obstetrician, infertility expert and laparoscopic Surgeon, she has more than 15 years of work experience in this field.

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Best lady Gynecologist in Pune - Dr. Shalini Vijay

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Today’s life is very hectic. Often in each household, both the partners are working. Due to the raising of the level of general education, the women are highly qualified these days. They want to work. After marriage, women are burdened with the additional responsibility of giving birth and raising the children. Still, highly ambitious women of this era are not willing to give up their work. They either continue to go out for work or choose to work from home. This is a very good sign for the development of our Indian society.

But somewhere in this process, the women’s health gets affected. Because of the rising work pressure, stress and anxiety, overdose of the contraceptives, rising pollution, too much taking of unhealthy fast food, many women are suffering from various gynecological problems.

Dr. Shalini – Maternity Specialist Doctor in Pune

Many big clients belonging to the film and television industry as well as from the business and sports world have consulted Dr. Shalini Vijay who is the best lady gynecologist of Pune. Various treatments such as pap smear test, breast examination, infertility treatment, and hormones replacement therapy are available at our clinic by the best doctors and experts in each field.

What we offer

In such a scenario, if often need a good gynecologist for the consultation. Dr. Shalini Vijay is the best best gynecologist near me. You can consult us for any type of gynecology problem.


Dr. Shalini is an expert Gynecologist in Pune dealing with the health of the female reproductive systems and the breasts.


best obstetrician in pune, who can handle issues related to women's health and have done specialization in the female reproductive system.


Woman health is extremely important, infertility is a global problem & it is also rising continuously in Pune, & we at Diva Clinic, fertility centre in pune are treating women's for all types of Infertility problems.


Contemporary standards of maternity care barely make it to the desired quality when you consider it in terms of health, and we are your best maternity service in pune

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Dr. Shalini Vijay Expert Gynecologist in Pune with 14+ Years of Experience

One more very common gynecological disorder in the married women of mid and late thirties is the PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disorder) which also is caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle, anxiety, and hormonal imbalances. The best consultation option in such a case is Dr. Shalini Vijay, the best gynecologist near me

lady gynecologist

Our clinic, run by the best lady gynecologist of Pune, Dr. Shalini Vijay is available at the Undri & Wanawadi location of Pune. Soon the branches of fertility clinic pune will be opened in few more important suburbs of the city.

Expert obstetrician

Many big clients belonging to the film and television industry as well as from the business and sports world have consulted Dr. Shalini Vijay who is the best lady gynecologist of Pune. Various treatments such as pap smear test, breast examination, infertility treatment, and hormones replacement therapy are available at our clinic by the best doctors and experts in each field.

Cost-Effective Treatment

Generally, the charges of all these treatments are unreasonably high. If the charges are nominal, then the services are not satisfactory. Only at our clinic, you get the best services and treatment at the reasonable and best prices. So contact us regarding any sort of gynecological problem.

Patient Information

What should you do in your first trimester?

First Trimester is most the critical phase in pregnancy for fetus development and growth. It is recommended to eat frequent small meals, drink plenty of liquids. Keep clam and refrain from stress Take rest during day time and at least eight hours of sleep during night time. Avoid heavy exercises, wearing high heels, best exercise recommended is walking 15-20 min each day. Regular checkups with doctor and take medicine as recommended. Folic acid dosage is very important during the first trimester.

What should I eat during early Pregnancy?

Eat healthy and nutritious food, during this phase many women face nausea and vomiting sensation which is usually termed as morning sickness. It is recommended to eat small frequent meals. Avoid street food which is generally oily, spicy and heavy to digest. Eat food which is rich in fiber and less in fat. Fruits, vegetables, sprouts milk and milk products is highly recommended.

Is it safe to travel during first trimester of Pregnancy?

To best possible extend, avoid travelling specifically in first trimester as there are high chances for abortion .In case of urgency on can travel after 7-8 weeks of pregnancy conception. Travelling by trains /flight is recommended. The patients is advised to avoid bus/auto-rickshaws for long distance commuting, avoid bumpy rides. Please visit your doctor before any travel so as to avoid any complication and continue safe and healthy pregnancy.

What does your gynecologist do on your first visit after conception?

During first visit doctor will understand and take complete history. Your examination (weight, blood pressure etc.) and you would be advised on routine antenatal blood and urine test, do and don’t during pregnancy, ultrasonography for fetal cardiac activity, expected delivery date and to check for single or twins pregnancy. You would also guide on visits schedules and various tests (Blood & urine test) which one needs to undergo all three trimester. Schedules of ultrasonography and vaccination during all three trimester.

How often should I get a Pap smear?

It is screening test for detection of cervical cancer. This is recommended for any women who is sexually active irrespective of her age. Ideally one must do it every year for first three year and if the finding are normal for first three year it is advised to repeat it once in three years thereafter.

Can you go to the gynecologist when you have period?

Yes, the patient can visit the doctor as it not always necessary to do internal P/v examination at times it could be just routine checkup. However during the period internal examination is generally not done.

How often should you go to the gynecologist?

Gynecologist is woman’s friend and advisor during the life of a women. The consultation starts from girl attaining puberty, irregular periods, painful period, and cervical cancer prevention vaccination. Contraceptive advice before marriage, preconception counseling, infertility treatments, pregnancy checkups and care, after delivery care, per menopause and menopause. You may also visit gynecologist for other common SOS treatment for PCOD/ PCOS, urinary infection and leucorrhea (white discharge).

Do I need to see a gynecologist after menopause?

There are high incidence of breast, ovarian uterine and cervical cancer in menopausal women. It is strongly advised to visit gynecologist for routine check like breast examination, Pap smear test and other examination for ovaries and uterus.

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