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Dr. Shalini Vijay

Diva Clinic takes pride in having one of the best IVF & infertility specialist Doctor Shalini Vijay in Undri, Pune. Doctor Shalini Vijay (MBBS, DNB – ObGyn, CCGDM, and Advance Endoscopy) comes with a vast experience in treating various cases of infertility in Pune, including PCOS, unexplained infertility, low ovarian reserve, endometriosis, tubal factor infertility, etc. Doctor Shalini Vijay at Diva Clinic are compassionate and believers of personalized care for women’s & couples in Pune.  Diva Clinic is exclusively for women’s who are looking for female infertility specialist in Pune with complete fertility treatment. Diva Clinic offers all the treatment & consultation necessary for females who are facing problems getting mother under one roof in the supervision of Doctor Shalini Vijay who is known as best infertility specialist for women’s in Pune. In Recent days, cases of infertility in females & males are increasing which is causing crucial problems for couples in Pune. There are various reasons for infertility in females, infertility causes due to the presence of polyps & fibroids in the uterus, fallopian tubes, hormonal changes, & so on. Diva Clinic best infertility consultation specialist provider in Undri & Wanawadi, Pune has consulted several women’s regards fertility. 

Gynecology & Infertility Consulting Services for Women’s in Pune

Doctor Shalini Vijay, the best infertility specialist in Undri, Pune with over 20+ years of experience leads Diva Clinic for infertility, maternity, gynecologist & obstetrician, menopause, & more has been established in the year 2009 in Undri & Wanawadi, Pune, India. Doctor Shalini Vijay is also associated with the Pune top hospitals like Ruby Hospital, Inamdar Hospital, Motherhood, Cloudnine Hospital, Noble Hospital, & more as an ObGyn specialist.

Diva Clinic understands the health needs of women & know how advanced healthcare can improve the women lives, that’s why Doctor Shalini Vijay is the most renowned ObGyn & Infertility Specialist in Pune.

Woman health is extremely important, infertility is a global problem & it is also rising continuously in Pune, & we at Diva Clinic are treating women’s for all types of Infertility problems at the most affordable cost in Pune.

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Cause of Female Infertility in India

It may be difficult to determine the cause of infertility in women, but women infertility in India mostly happens due to inadequate levels of certain hormones, & trouble with ovulation/periods. The symptoms for women infertility is the inability to get pregnant.

Mediums that May Cause Women Infertility Problems are:

Women Age

After the age of '30s or mid-'30s the eggs count begin decreasing in women's because of the follicle loss which affects the quality of eggs & may lead to a higher risk of miscarriage.

Women Weight

Overweight & underweight also increase the cause of problems in pregnancy. So, if any couple or women struggling with weight-related issues then they should consult gynecologist & infertility specialist Doctor Shalini Vijay in Diva Clinic for proper consultation & diagnosis.

Any Medical History

In some cases, medical history & health also affect the reproduction system of women & creating infertility related problems. Women's with any medical history like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, etc. should consult gynecologist & infertility specialist doctor Shalini Vijay at Diva Clinic for right consultation & treatment.

Any Drugs Addiction

In some cases, Alcoholics & chain-smoker women's are also facing infertility problems, drugs reduce the eggs counts & put your ability to reproduce at risk. So, if you are into any drugs addiction, then you should consult gynecologist & infertility specialist doctor Shalini Vijay at Diva clinic.

Female Infertility Symptoms

    1. Primary symptom of infertility is difficulty in getting pregnant.
    2. Infrequent ovulation or infrequent periods (periods have not come every month). The common cause of infrequent periods/ovulation includes:

3. Symptoms that suggest a hormone abnormality include:

4. Ovarian Cysts, cysts in the ovary can cause pelvic pain.

5. Scarring in the fallopian tubes.

Infertility Treatment at Diva Clinic Pune Depends on:

  1. Cause of infertility.
  2. How long you’ve been infertile.
  3. Women age & her partner age.
  4. Personal preferences.

Hormone treatments, fertility drugs, surgery, & medical techniques to fertile an egg, these treatments mostly improve the chances of getting pregnant. So, contact Dr. Shalini Vijay at Diva Clinic for Infertility, maternity, & gynecology related consultation.

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