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Cervical Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Cervical cancer is a significant health concern that affects thousands of women worldwide each year. Understanding the causes, recognizing the symptoms, and knowing the preventive measures and treatment options can empower you to take proactive steps in safeguarding your health. What Is Cervical Cancer? ervical cancer develops in the cells of the cervix, which is […]

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The Right Time for Abortion: A Personal and Medical Decision

There is no single “right” time for an abortion. This deeply personal decision depends on a woman’s individual circumstances, health, and beliefs. However, there are important factors to consider when navigating this complex choice. Considering Your Health: Early vs. Later Trimester: Medically, abortions are safest when performed in the first trimester (up to 12 weeks).

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Natural remedies for PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a common hormonal disorder affecting millions of women worldwide. Characterized by irregular periods, excess androgen levels, and polycystic ovaries, PCOS can lead to various symptoms like weight gain, acne, and fertility issues. While medical interventions are available, many women seek alternative or complementary treatments to manage their symptoms. In this

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What is IVF?

The full meaning of IVF is “In vitro fertilization”(generally known as IVF). It is a process of fertilization in women where eggs are mixed with sperm in vitro by skilled, educated and experienced gynaecologists so that the interested people can have children. IVF is a very sophisticated and complex process of Fertilization which encompasses several

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PCOS and Weight Gain

today, a large number of women are struggling with PCOS and weight gain. There are several reasons to increase the weight in women such as unhealthy lifestyle, heredity, and digestion disorder but there is another least talked about reason causing female obesity is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). If the female dealing with PCOS visits a

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Natural remedies for PCOS

PCOS refers to the condition of the presence of multiple cysts in the ovaries, therefore this disorder is named Polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS happens when female hormones lose their fair fixation in the body, and the proportion of all feminine chemicals gets imbalanced. The reproductive endocrine system of the female managing PCOS begins delivering androgen

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Exercise in Pregnancy

Our elders have always said that the entire journey of pregnancy and childbirth gives a new life to the female who is going to be a mother. During pregnancy a female’s body experiences and goes through numerous changes including hyper hormonal fluctuation as well as bodily changes. With each passing day, the fetus grows therefore

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