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Dr. Shalini Vijay

In Diva Clinic, Dr. Shalini Vijay best gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune (ObGyn) looks after the health of the women reproductive parts and the breasts. We also constantly guide women to ensure they have healthy pregnancy and deliver babies with great care and risk-free as possible. Modern times is also seeing a great change in women empowerment, their social roles, and higher career orientation economic freedom, increase in acceptance of contraceptive and so on. The laws of equilibrium has to come into play which brought stress-related illnesses, missing fertility age, PCOD’s, drug and alcohol addiction, STDs, and HIV infection etc. Dr. Shalini Vijay is known as the best gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune (ObGyn) are constantly challenged with patients with higher risk pregnancy which are specifically due to women planning & conceiving at a later age resulting from the increased focus on careers. 

Best Gynecologist in pune

In Addition to Gynec Ailment Doctor Shalini Vijay Specializes In:

Dr. Shalini Vijay also conducts regular camps on women health awareness which includes breast, cervical cancer, ovarian and uterine cancer. Dr. Shalini Vijay conducts antenatal classes in Pune which covers food habit do’s and don’ts during pregnancy. She also specializes in advance technique such as IUI and IVF. Contraceptive counselling, Cu-T insertion, female sexual problem, abortion counselling, pre and post-delivery care are few of the additional treatment which Diva Clinic offers to their patients. By offering all obstetrics and gynecology treatment Doctor Shalini Vijay stands a good choice for leading best gynecology specialist in Pune.

Diva Clinic also have specialized doctors for Laparoscopic surgery a minimally invasive procedures which avoid the need for the large incisions used in traditional open surgery providing greater benefits to patients.

In order to offer best medical treatment to patients the doctor needs to be well versed with latest advancements. Doctor Shalini Vijay is a highly qualified best gynecologist is pune (ObGyn) is regularly attending CME, conferences and is also a member of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and other forums. With her varied experience and updated with latest advancements and procedure she is always a reliable & trusted gynecologist in Pune by many hospitals.

Dr. Shalini Vijay - Helps Women on Health Related Issues in Pune

 Diva clinic a special women clinic for gynecology, obstetrics, pregnancy, periods & women health related issues. Doctor Shalini Vijay is always there to serve as a gynecologist specialist in Pune, and not only associated or visits to leading hospital in the area also practices at Diva Clinic Wanowarie / Wanawadi, and Diva Clinic Undri. Both of her clinics are located at convenient location in the city and does possess a very friendly staff to take care of patient’s.

Almost all major gynec ailments such as Cervical Dysplasia, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menopause Management, Ovarian Cysts, Pelvic Floor Disorders, Infertility, Vaginal Yeast Infections, Irregular Menstruation, high risk pregnancy are consulted at Diva Clinic. The location convenience, availability, highly qualified and experience doctor consulting here, indexes both the centers very high in the best hospital for gynecology & obstetrics in Pune roster.

Referred as Trusted Gynecologist Specialist in Pune

Gynecologist helps a woman to understand how normal body functions and answer her health related queries specific to her reproductive organs. The typical question which arises in every women mind is who is the best gynecologist specialist in Pune? And talking is easier than finding the best (ObGyn) gynecologist specialist in Pune with every corner there is a doctor available to offer his or her services to patient. Identification of best gynecologist & obstetrics specialist often becomes an experimental process if specifically someone is new to Pune. With higher and higher people migrating to bigger cities like Pune for job opportunities or prospects or higher education this is becomes a herculean task and the women is puzzled with who is the best gynecology specialist in Pune? Nowadays many proactive couple does lot of study and then plan for the child with major obvious consideration on best gynecologist specialist in Pune in addition to other personal decision points. The other health issues which are common among women are breast cancer and cervical cancer. With its widespread, everyone is fearful of being diagnosed with these kind of health problems. After reading or referring the information available on internet and associating the disease, generally match making leads to fear and panic everywhere. Hence it is very important to refrain from becoming self-expert and let the expert evaluate and guide with the analysis. In addition to technical qualification the empathizing attitude is also becoming an important point to consider the best gynecologist & obstetrics specialist in Pune.

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Diva Clinic - Best Choice for Women Gynecology Related Issues in Pune

In access of 5000+ consultation and associated with all leading hospital of Pune, right qualification and varied experience makes her best gynecology & obstetrics specialist in Pune. Her patients have rated very high on various platforms and social media and the key parameters which are so important is today’s time considering the digital disruption era with information available at disposal.

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