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With over 20+  years of experience, our services encompass comprehensive care in gynecology, obstetrics, infertility treatment, and laparoscopic surgery.

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Dr. Shalini Vijay

Dr. Shalini is undoubtedly not just an ‘amazing doctor’, but a ‘wonderful human being’ who perseveres with the aim to make pregnancy a pleasant experience for the parents and to improve the overall health of women of all ages. It is commendable that she makes time to volunteer for CSR initiatives for improving women health awareness as part of her association with Institute for Prostate Cancer.

Dr. Shalini Vijay Best Gynecologist in Pune

Best Gynecologist in Pune – Birth of a child is one of the most precious and celebrated occasions for not just the parents, but also the entire family. When the reward of the journey is so beautiful, the run-up to become parents is bound to be challenging. To help one sail through this difficult time, one always looks for the best Gynecologist in Pune.

Dr. Shalini Vijay, one of the best maternity specialist doctors in Pune, is happy to be part of this phase of life with all those who are waiting to experience parenthood. A Gynecologist, obstetrician, infertility expert and laparoscopic surgeon, she has 20+ years of work experience in this field.

Pregnancy can be a daunting experience for the parents to-be and their minds are full of questions and apprehensions. At such times, they need someone who they can speak to and freely share their concerns.

She is known as the best Gynecologist in Pune, Dr. Shalini is approachable, soft-spoken, and takes care of all the queries one might have. Her patients describe her as- ‘utmost friendly, warm and caring’. She is always available on the phone in case of any pre or post pregnancy emergencies.

Why Pune Women’s suggesting Dr. Shalini for Medical Care

With changing times and demanding lifestyle, women face plethora of health problems. A maternity doctor is not just meant to handle pregnancies, but several other day-to-day issues related to women’s health. Most unmarried women are hesitant to discuss about their reproductive health as they fear being judged by their Gynecologist.

Dr. Shalini makes patients comfortable and talks with ease about taboo topics like- pre-marital sex, contraceptives, STDs and pill-based abortions. It is the professional, reliable and non-judgmental attitude of Dr. Shalini that makes her the best Gynecologist in Pune and highly recommended by single women.

Who we are?

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Dr. Shalini completed her MBBS from Rabindranath Tagore Medical College in Udaipur. She pursued DNB- Obstetrics and, Gynecology from Jehangir Hospital, Pune. She also holds certification in CCGDM and Advance Endoscopy by FOGSI.


Currently, she is associated with premium hospitals like- Ruby Hall Clinic, Inamdar, Motherhood, Cloud nine and Noble Hospital. Additionally, she conducts antenatal classes and regular health awareness camps on breast and cervical cancer, ovarian and uterine cancer.


Dr. Shalini is practicing at Diva Clinic in Wanawadi and Undri. Specializes in dealing with high-risk pregnancies, normal and painless deliveries, vaginal infection treatment, Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (VBAC), and Hysteroscopy Myomectomy.

Dr. Shalini – Maternity Specialist Doctor in Pune

Infertility treatment, treatment of women with PCOS are some other areas of interest for Dr. Shalini. Infertility can be a social stigma which impacts the physical, social and emotional health of the couples.

However, her patients vouch for Dr. Shalini’s expertise in this area and how she helps them throughout the treatment by guiding them with care. Patients dealing with menopause also laud the holistic approach used by Dr. Shalini, who they describe as the best maternity doctor in Pune, as she treats not just with medicines, but suggests other suitable alternatives as well as works on developing a positive attitude towards the problem that the patient is facing.

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