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Ob-Gyn Lady Doctor Specialist in Pune – Dr. Shalini Vijay

Obstetrician & Gynecologist (Ob-Gyn) in Pune is an important person is a woman's life. The association with a gynecologist specialist starts right a very early age for females, the teen attaining puberty to menopause and beyond.

The lady Ob-Gyn specialist doctor in Pune treat female reproductive organ, and during the life journey of women there are times when a lot of personal questions or opinions are vouched, hence it is extremely important to identify an Ob-Gyn lady doctor specialist nearby in Pune whom you can trust.

The visit to Ob-Gyn female doctor specialist nearby in Pune is not only during heavy bleeding, cramps or any other issue but also when you are healthy as one would still like to do regular checkups so as to ensure the reproductive organs are healthy, and they remain as they expect for deteriorate with age.

When a female gynecologist plays such an important role, it is very important to choose a right female gynecologist whom you can claim as best Ob-Gyn lady specialist in Pune, the right qualified, verified female gynecologist of choice and comfort.

The process of identifying an expert Ob-Gyn female specialist doctor in Pune comes with a lot of introspection, and is an intellectual decision in which the comfort and belief with gynecologist underscore the doctor's practice location and is considered a mere physical distance patient needs to cover to consult an important person of their life.

Few consideration which women debate during searching of Ob-Gyn female specialist in Pune, and how Dr. Shalini Vijay a leading gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune becomes the first choice for female Ob-Gyn specialist in Undri, Wanowrie, Hadapsar, Kondhwa, & nearby areas.

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  • The Female Gynecologist is Highly Recommended for Ladies in Pune

    Often, the decision of consulting a female gynecologist in Pune a worth seeing is through word of mouth from family doctors, female friends, & relatives. This help in shortlisting an Ob-Gyn female specialist doctor nearby in Pune with 10,000+ patient’s successful consultation, and treatment Dr. Shalini Vijay becomes the natural choice for Obstetrics & Gynecologist (Ob-Gyn) specialist in Pune.

  • Consider Good Reviews on Google Map for Choosing Trusted Ob-Gyn in Pune

    With changing times, the socializing is mostly through social media & peoples visiting Google Maps for reviews. The average time spends on Google Map, internet & social media is more than 2 hours every day. The search on the internet is growing big, right from identifying a good eatery to consulting a gynecologist everything is through searching and reviewing the feedback, & experience of others on various web portals.

    Factors such as ease of appointment schedules, clinic environment, waiting time, friendly staff and doctor able to understand and explain condition becomes an important parameter to decide Ob-Gyn female specialist doctor nearby you in Pune. Dr. Shalini Vijay is a leading gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune is ahead of all these criteria and becomes a default choice for Obstetrics & Gynecologist specialist in Pune.

  • Dr. Shalini Vijay is Experienced & Expert ObGyn Specialist

    Before deciding, it is important to verify the gynecologist credentials such as qualification, which medicals school the gynecologist completed the graduation, specialization, and years of experience. This is must to do shortlist a gynecologist & obstetrician specialist nearby you in Pune.

    Dr. Shalini Vijay (ObGyn Specialist) completed her MBBS from Ravindra Nath Medical College Udaipur, a government medical institute established in the year 1961. She completed her specialization in DNB ObGyn from Jahangir Hospital Pune, a hospital known for a handling high profile and high-risk patients. The exposure while studying and during residency, job seasoned Dr. Shalini Vijay. She stands very high in shortlisting of Gynecologist nearby Undri, Kondhwa, Wanowrie, Hadapsar & more locations in Pune.

Dr. Shalini Vijay women health care specialist in Undri & Wanowrie Pune

Best Gynecologist in Pune (Undri & Wanowrie) – Women's Health Care Specialist

The women's need female healthcare specialist needs change as they grow with age, their annual ObGyn examination changes too, below are symptoms expected & examinations recommended for women of the various age group which once again instate the importance of gynecologist & obstetrician in women life, the identification of best Gynecologist for ladies in Pune is a must-do for any woman.

ObGyn Consulting for Teenage till the Early Twenties: These visits are more for conversation & awareness. The women while visiting the ObGyn specialist doctors should gain knowledge on contraception & the way to protect themselves for various sexually transmitted diseases. For many college going girls, Dr. Shalini Vijay is best Gynecologist near Undri, Kondhwa, Wanowrie, Hadapsar & more locations in Pune for counseling and opts for HPV vaccination before they become sexually active.

ObGyn Consulting during the Reproductive Age from Early 20’s Till Early 40’s: The majority of women in this age group are either looking for pregnancy prevention or becoming pregnant. Contraceptive, fertility options, preconception counseling, breast and abdominal examination.

Pap smear is recommended to screen for cervical cancer. Most women at this age have a menstrual cycle, and many women develop ovarian cysts that come and go with their periods. If a cyst or lump is felt during pelvic examination an ultrasound is recommended to investigate further.

Dr. Shalini Vijay with experience has observed the visit to Gynecologist in Pune is quite often as the most critical phase in a woman reproductive age, and Dr. Shalini Vijay with extremely sincerity and varied experience is able to diagnose the patient issue in no time and is always remain as the best Gynecologist nearby in Pune for women's who had consulted with her before.

Doctor Shalini Vijay is well behaved & Makes you feel comfortable. A doctor who is a curt, unconcerned may make the women lose confidence and feel anxious, even if they are well experienced. The patients generally prefer the best Gynecologist nearby in Pune who will both listen and respect what they have to say.

It is often quoted, half of the disease is cured when you meet a doctor who is positive, a good listener and appreciate patient viewpoint. This is another consideration for evaluating the best Gynecologist nearby in Pune. Dr. Shalini Vijay a soft spoken lady doctor listens actively to patient issues and is always the first choice to determine the best Gynecologist specialist nearby in Pune.