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Dr. Shalini Vijay – Expert Female Gynecologist & Obstetrician in Pune

The lady gynecologist is a medical practitioner who deals with the health of the female reproductive organs and obstetrician, who delivers babies. They are a very important person in a woman’s life.

Women generally prefer to consult with a best female gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune and they can comfortably share their inner problems with female specialist doctors. When a gynecologist has such an important role, the thrust to choose the expert female gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune (ObGyn) becomes an important actionable for any women. The search for experienced & best female gynecologist remains subconsciously in a women’s mind.

Doctor Shalini is known as Best Female ObGyn Specialist in Pune

As compared to small cities, & towns in major cities the situations are quite different, with information available on fly through internet and high literacy and women becoming bolder, still a natural choice for a women is to consult a best female gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune (ObGyn) for gynecological troubles or women wellness examination, who is truly their friend or advisor, they discuss and undergo intimate examination.

Gynecologist attends a woman while they are undergoing motherhood, blissful phase to various gynecological problems in a woman’s life. The strong urge for identification of expert female gynecologist nearby you in Pune comes with a strong belief that the expert female gynecologist would be able to empathize as she would have experienced most of it, being a woman. Dr. Shalini Vijay is a leading experienced female gynecologist in Pune becomes the first choice for peoples especially women’s who are searching for expert female gynecologist obstetrician in Pune (ObGyn).

Dr. Shalini Vijay best lady gynecologist in Undri & Wanawadi

Visit Diva Clinic Undri & Wanawadi for Best Lady Gynecologist in Pune

Dr. Shalini Vijay, whose patient in Diva Clinic always remember her as best lady gynecologist in Pune, and ObGyn specialist, provide very homely and a very friendly environment at Diva Clinic in Undri & Wanawadi, where the patient feels relaxed and able to openly share their worries or concerns with her. Since the gynecologist treats the women throughout the stages of life, from the teenage to pregnancy, menopause and even after that. For this long journey with the gynecologist, it is very important to identify the experienced doctor whom you can trust as best expert female gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune.

The discussion between gynecologist and patient are intimate in nature often requiring intimate examination, a lady gynecologist would naturally come in patient mind. Few discussion and examination which could take place where the patient would prefer an expert lady gynecologist.

  • A lot of discharge through the vagina, it could be at times white turbid or with a very strong odor like a fish. The discharge rate could be higher during ovulation or sexually aroused. For strong odor, this could be bacterial vaginitis and any further complication should be examined through a gynecologist. Doctor Shalini Vijay a leading expert lady gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune is just a physical distance away to help you overcome and should always be in your mind for best lady gynecologist & ObGyn specialist you know in Pune for such treatments.
  • Semen Allergies: Few women may experience inflammation, an itchy sensation, and swelling of the genitals shortly after contact with semen. Consult gynecologist to investigate if you could be allergic to Semen. Please call and fix your appointment with Doctor Shalini Vijay at Diva Clinic Undri & Wanawadi, your true advisor as best expert lady gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune.
  • Hysterectomy: This is the surgical removal of all or part of a woman’s uterus, typically to treat cancer, chronic pain or heavy bleeding that has not been controlled by less invasive methods. Dr. Shalini Vijay conducts Hysterectomy procedure at Diva Clinic either abdominal, vaginal laparoscopic-assisted based on the examination and patient choice. She prefers and specializes in vaginal hysterectomy and could be a natural choice for best expert lady gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune if the surgery is inevitable.

Dr. Shalini Vijay - Lady Gynecologist near Undri & Wanowrie Pune

A Gynecologist cover all diseases related to the womb, Fallopian tubes, ovaries, vagina, vulva, and cervix. It is very important to get these regularly examined as a disease could be a better cure at the onset stage. With more and more health awareness, the woman are visiting gynecologist specifically for their reproductive organs checks. Since these are an internal examination for which woman are generally comfortable with a lady doctor. The hunt for expert lady gynecologist in Pune continues.

During the examination following the intimate examination which a woman needs to undergo for which they would look out for ladies gynecologist and once they are comfortable the lady doctor earns the status of best expert female gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune.

  • A Pelvic Exam, in this examination the internal organs are checked by feeling their shape and size. The doctor examines the outside area of the patient vagina (vulva and vaginal opening), then examines the reproductive organs, the gynecologist examines inside the vagina and cervix (the opening to your uterus) using a speculum, a device that holds the vagina open.
  • Pap Smear Test – Pap smear test is to rule out the possibility for the cancer of the cervix. Cells from the cervix are collected and examined under a microscope. The gynecologist removes cell samples from the patient cervix using a small brush. These cells are sent to a lab and checked for cervical cancer and other abnormalities. The Pap smear test is also known as HPV test.

Dr. Shalini Vijay with her sincere, efforts always wishing best for her patients has a huge list of satisfied patients. Dr. Shalini Vijay is regularly conducting camps on cancer prevention and was associated with a big corporate house who would organize camps in suburbs of Pune city under corporate social responsibility initiatives. Additionally with her adequate experience, loads of patients visiting her and affiliation/visiting consultant with all leading hospitals in Pune makes her the undisputed choice for best expert lady gynecologist & obstetrician in Pune.